A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I watched fight club again last night.
It's my "I can't/won't be able to sleep" movie. It's also my "I think I'm going to just start crying and never stop" movie.
Somehow it's familiar enough that I'm okay with it flashing at me, but still interesting enough to me that I'm pulled in by it and I get to forget all the crap for a little bit.
I don't know if I was would call it healthy, but well, who's labelling?

I know every fade, ever scene change. Every tonal inflection. All the lines.

I'm going to have a piece of my cake now. ::nods::

My sister has already managed this morning to make it clear that she thinks I'm a mean person. She's made it clear that I should keep my mouth shut. She has a headache or something so she's making everyone else fucking miserable (well, really .. just me... ). I get in her way, she's right, I'm wrong and well... I think I'll just hang out in my room until she's gone today because walking around in my own house with that sort of tension is just asinine.
When I'd rather have a nice chat with my *father* than be in the same room as my sister... something is really horribly wrong.

Nickelodeon was supposed to start showing zim today at 1.
Butt ugly martians is on instead.

I'm kind of grouchy, which is a massive improvement over the depressiveness of last night.

My goal for the weekend was to download some things and dye my hair. I've accomplished neither of those because cox has been down so the ftp has been down. and because I'm a wishy washy freak who can't decide exactly what to do with my hair.

Confidential to Aimless in Akron:
But you know, the flan eth tho good.
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