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Dedicated to the music fans amoung you.

Heheeh....I went back over to this dude's journal today. Two weeks after the fact and he's still all tweaked that I told him he was a non spelling idiot and that his taste in music sucked.

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Current music: nsync..bye,bye,bye....so there bitch!

disposable music....no such thing. (except Barney's theme song)
You know what’s funny is how people can make fun of you for the music you listen too. What the fuck is that all about. This one unmentionable person read my journal and told me that I was a loser because of the music I listened too, amongst other things. Of all the shit she said that was the worst. I mean it’s my music…I like it and isn’t that supposed to be all that matters? I hate when people have to be deeper and more mysterious than you. Like they have some glimpse of life that you have not and will never see. I just say what I feel. I try not to step on toes and even though I do sometimes, you will never hear me tell someone their favorite song sucks…or their favorite band or singer sucks. That’s stupid! N*SYNC for example may not be the group you think of when you think talent. But really, they can sing….download their version of the Stared Spangled Banner from the 2000 world series and tell me they can’t sing! They didn’t write all their own songs for the first album, but they wrote and co wrote a lot on the second and almost all of the third. Just because they don’t sing their feelings the way some nameless obscure band does doesn’t mean it’s not real or that it isn’t deep. Okay so they were manufactured, I’ll give you that, but they still have grown as artists and performers since their first CD. As any decent group would. I just hate how Top 40 has suddenly become the disposable music of today. Some of it is shit…even I will admit that. But I wouldn’t bash someone who did like it. I listen to stuff that no one else cares for…Nickel Creek for example. They are starting to make their way on to CMT but before that I liked them. I don’t care to much for country but they have some good music…like Come Back Down…they are all 22 or younger, play their own instruments, and write their own music. I like them and N*SYNC, I think Pink is pretty cool too. I like the Counting Crows, and Dave Mathews Band, and John Mayer. I like everything. It’s all people’s feelings. Someone had to write that song. It took them time to do it. It cost them money to make it. And with every song they release they run a risk of being rejected. Remy Shand for example is one of the last chances that real soul music has to make it into the next decade. Between him and guys like D’Angelo, and Craig David, and women like Macy Gray and Lauren Hill soul, like real old-fashioned soul music could wither away. These guys don't make nearly as much money as N*SYNC or BSB or even Marylin Manson, but they do it for the love of it. Thing is once they go #1 on the charts people will start calling them sell outs. I agree that some top 40 is annoying and just real flash in the pan, but don’t bag on those of us who have the balls to admit we enjoy some of it. Most all of you bounce your head when you hear Bye, Bye, Bye or POP. You can only lie to yourself about that one. I guess I just wanted to defend myself and others who have had this happen to them. Just because you hear N*SYNC coming out of my car, doesn’t mean that Remy Shand isn’t in the CD player next to DMB, and Custom! Sorry if I got off on a rant there.

I feel no remorse. He's not a good or nice person. He's unintelligent. He's lame and he's rude.
If I'm mean to good people, I feel bad about it.

But I don't feel bad about this guy.
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