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I had a spate of horrible dreams last night interspersed with a lot *a lot* of waking up.
The coffee this morning is mandatory to even get my eyes uncrossed, let alone make myself lucid enough to talk coherently and smile at the same time with a minimum of "ums".

I always forget until they're asking that they ask lame lame "so, name three of the best things about yourself... name three of the worst" So I end up saying really really lame things.
"uhm... I'm punctual, I make good coffee and I'm a good kisser..... uh...."

If I worked in HR it would be a talk about movies and music and tv becuase I'm one of those snobs who thinks you can learn a lot about a person and their intelligence just by talking about popular culture with them. Not like "only dumb people watch MTV" but more like... "why do you enjoy the back street boys" and checking out for "I dunno" and "my friends like them" answers.
A preponderance of wrestling and race car driving in the tv interest list would be suspect.
As would van damme and segal talked about as great actors.

I'm out of it and trying to get into my right frame of mind for this.
Which is that I'm a gaddamned intelligent person and I'm funny as hell and I'm nice and polite and well mannered and they're really really stupid if they decide not to hire me, even if I didn't have 2 years of quick acceleration through the ranks of retail under my belt.

But then I'm going to sit down there and just be a goober. Hehe.
I always am, but they hire the nice dumb girl anyway. ::smirk::

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