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My Hit List (out and out rant)

If a movie has one of the following people in it, I'm instantly dubious... sometimes even nauseous.
I've been told this makes me a snob.
So be it.

Movie Puppets I Loathe (in no particular order)

Freddy Prinze Jr
Ashton Kutcher
Matthew Lillard
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Jason Biggs
Shannon Elizabeth
Denise Richards
Charlie Sheen
Tara Reid
Alyson Hannigan
Sharon Stone
Ryan Phillippe
Jennifer Love Hewwit
Jeff Daniels
Gina Davis
Seann William Scott

I'm sure there are more...
I'm *sure* there are more.. I just can't think of them at the moment.
Comment! Leave *your* most annoying movie puppets! Argue with me! Call me names for hating Buffy! c'mon! freeforall! WOOHOOO!

Some people I forgot:
Julia Stiles
Britney Murphy
Claire Danes
Renee Zelwegger (someone explain this to me... really)
Yasmine Bleeth

(some of these people aren't really active movie people at the moment. SO what? I'm going to bitch about them anyway...)

Rebecca DeMornay
Lou Diamond Phillips
Jamie Lee Curtis
Darryl Hannah
Kevin Costner
Michael Douglas (just can't stand him)
Melanie Griffith
Matthew Broderick
Meg Ryan

(ya know... it's like... anyone popular from the last 20 years... Chances are they annoy me. Like I said to Ken below, I shouldn't attempt a full list of the hates because it will become clear that I only *really* like about 5 people)

Tom Hanks

Mary Steenburgen
Andy McDowell
Kathleen (is she american?) Turner. (notice as the years have gone on she's begun to sound more and more... "foreign"? Just like the vague "accent" that Tina Turner developed? )
Martin Short
(shoot him)
James Woods
Val Kilmer
Wesley Snipes
Ralph Finnes
Russell Crowe
Winona Ryder
Ben Affleck
Will Smith
Ethan Hawke
John Travolta...

OKay .. okay .. I've gone on enough.. sorry ... everyone annoys me.. we'll just put it that way


Aug. 8th, 2002 11:44 am (UTC)
Re: YES can I play?
Ya know, I have to agree.
I've been told she's this really good actress, I've just yet to see it. She fits the roles she plays, but that doesn't mean she's *good*, ya know?

And I used to really like Kirsten Dunst too, but well... she's another who is either just picking *really* shitty roles (that will make her massive bank) or she lost all acting ability when she his puberty.

Aug. 8th, 2002 01:20 pm (UTC)
Re: YES can I play?
Good point. Taking your own personality to cartoonish extremes may not exactly count as "acting" or "aaaht".

I thought of two more ones I could live without.
Carmen Electra
Pamela Anderson/Lee/Rock/whatever

And a HELL YES on Melanie Griffith (DIE!!!) and Martin Short.


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