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I'm still snarky and you're still dumb.

No, I have no finish for th limerick in the cut tag.
There is this guy who popped up on ascaechoriel's friends list. She thought he was kind of weird and amusing and nice and so she didn't have any problem with the fact that this idiot was obviously faking his "irish brogue."
It meandered all over the place, somtimes very very "irish", sometimes a lot more "scottish" with a lot of "dinnae"s and "ken"s thrown in to add to the "authenticity" of it.
Me and akadashi were discussing it one day and decided it was pirate talk... I mean, look at this, the last person to actually say and mean "daideo" (with strangely incongruent accent on the O... maybe a mexican influence?) was the writer for Thin Lizzy... and even he wouldn't have typed it out. "the wake be on saturday".. YE SCALAWAG! hehe
He's just soooo Irish and subversive.

He refers to Fight Club as "the bible" and pats himself on the back for his obsession with it. Not the book.. the movie. Not just any part of the movie..Tyler Durden.
So basically he didn't understand that movie....
Too many people list fight club as an interest. It almost never fails that when I accidentally stumble upon some goth, 'intellectual', teenage boy or girl who's all bristling cynicism and "fuck you mom for not getting me a pony! Imma dye my hair black and get something pierced! That'll learn ya!" attitude that they've got fight club on their interest list.

Which means that I feel like such a choad for having it on mine. But it's easy to say "fight club" than it is to say "existential angst culminating in a deep cynicism regarding humanity, society and the ways in which we define freedom and choice"....

So eventually, after reading a lot of his replies in ascaechoriel's journal, I just couldn't contain myself anymore and had to say something.
And I must say that Pirate talk really really *is* fun.
Try it!

But then Jessie pointed out this post to me and the replies in it, and again, I couldn't contain myself and neither could akadashi (who really gaddamned outdid himself, but well... most people, especially the people reading that journal, would never ever get that joke. But I did. So I rock and stuff. No, really, he said so. ::smirk:: ).

The idiot claims his ip states as being in canada because he's using an "IP forwarder" to thwart would be hackers and stalkers.
I don't think so there, bub.

And ya know, even if he *is* Irish as irish can be... he's still a collosal moron for attempting to type out his accent. Because that means that his lame speech peculiarities are somehow the most special and interesting thing about him.
Which may very well be true, given the actual "content" of his journal.

"irish masquerader"... yeah, no shit, buddy.

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