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I have pretty hands

Really I do.
But that's entirely beside the point. (Is it 'beside the point' or 'besides the point'? To me the plural makes no sense. Just like when people say "anyways" when they just mean "anyway" as a dismissive sort of segue. I'm going to have to dig out The Big Book of Beastly Mispronunciation and see if 'beside the point' is in there or not. Might be in a foot note. Of course, this man wrote 10 pages on how to say 'almond'... so chances are he ran out of space for the 'extraneous plural' discussion)

I got up very early (after not sleeping untill nearly 4 this morning because, well folks, in case you hadn't guessed it by now, I'm an insomniac. An actual insomniac too, not someone who misses an hour here and there and really thinks they're in Chuck Palanhiuk insomnia territory. Nope. Oh yeah... and unlike a lot of people I've known who stay up for days at a time regularly, mine isn't chemical induced (these days, anyway). Tweakers aren't insomniacs. If you complain to me about only getting 7 hours instead of your usual 10 I reserve the right to beat the hot holy fuck out of you) and called the store to get ahold of the HR lady.

I really *wanted* to get up (about 8 ish is when I dragged myself out of bed. Sleeping by myself means ignoring the alarm clock. ::nods:: I never have that problem when I'm sharing my bed.. dunno why) and just call and get ahold of her and get a date and go back to bed.
Well, there's only a narrow window for that. If I'm up for too long, I'm just up.
Well... okay ...the store hours are 8am-10pm
I started calling just after 8 am I've called 5 times and just got a person for the first time. And then, of course, the chick is busy. But at least she's there. So I just left a message with my name saying I was returning her call.
So I still sort of have to wait around this morning.

Coffee and morning tv it is... hey! I might even make toast!
I mean .... *toast*!

(holy shit, what's with the parethesis?)

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