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I've been reading through some of the comments on IMDB. That's just a bad idea becuase so many of these people are *so* clueless about what they're commenting on. This one person (reviewer name Message26 and he's commented on over **400** movies) struck me as particularly inane so I've been reading some of his other comments just to see what he says about things.
First of all, he says License to Drive is one of his favorite movies and he loves Corey Feldman. That's a big "ick" right there and it's just the start.
His comment on American History X(he didn't like the skinheads. They reminded him of nazis)
His comment on Wild Things (It was apparently too confusing for him)
His comment on When Harry Met Sally (Doesn't understand that Meg Ryan's CHARACTER is "blasphemous"... not her)
His comment on Hackers (it's "kool" and the animations are GREAT!)
His comment on French Kiss (that horrible horrible blashpemous Meg Ryan! Man is she evil!)
His comment on The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (He thinks the name is dumb)
His comment on Candyman (blasphemy, smoking, and virginia madsen didn't use enough dialogue. This guy sounds like my dad with that whole... not getting that it's a SCRIPT and an ACTOR playing a PART written by OTHER PEOPLE)
His comment on Dracula (1958) (Damned smokers!)
His comment on Carrie (apparently it's a lot like Prom Night)

First of all, most of these movies he saw on tnt, usa or the sci-fi channel where they're edited all to hell and usually make almost no sense because of the things they chop.
But even if he saw the whole things, he wouldn't get them. I want to find this guy and smoke in front of him and say "GOD DAMMIT!" and "JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!" a lot. Because I'm just that petty.

I'm just stunned. Really.

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