A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

The wonderful people at www.rightnowsuccess.com just left me the longest phone message ever. And I don't have a machine that actually limits the length. Because of that and becuase there aren't any other messages in memory they were free to go on and on and on.

Financial freedom could be mine. Working at home for just an hour a day I can utilize the internet and mail order to make $500 - $2500 a month!

Joy Behar is babbling on the view about how "psychotropic drugs really permanently change the way they feel"
And Starr Jones saying that they call it add now but they used to just call it being hyper and it took a good talking to from a parent and that was that and these kids just need a good whipping.

I've made this comment about daytime television before... but seriously, it is *such* slop.
(and I just saw a commercial for Virgin Mobile that involved an art class where the teacher didn't speak english, told the people to paint the feelings they had about their cell phone and was disappointed until he got to a chick who had painted a very very rainbow brite unicorn with a dude on the back and he started jumping up and down happy happy. THe unicorn then flew off the page, became fullsize, the dude pulled her on and they shrunk out the window and then were shown flying along a nighttime sky. Then the tag for Virgin Mobile.... what the FUCK.... this is why marketting is evil and always caters to the lowest denominator in any group of people)

I reallly dislike television.

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