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I'm being mean and snarky and bitchy today... good natured bitchy. The sort of bitchy that Ken likes.
That's why I rip into idiots online.
That's why I'm overly critical and unapologetic in my harsh criticisms.
That's why I don't shy away from stupid people and leave it alone and hush it up.

It's just something I do.
Either you dig it or you don't. And you're free to do either.
But if you attempt to lecture me on it and tell me how bad nasty mean I am or try to tell me I should be more evoloved or ashamed for my nit picky bitchiness I'm not going to be nice about your opinions.
If you don't like it, fine. Hell, you can even SAY you don't like it. But don't be suprised if I tell you to fuck way off with your opinion.

I reserve that right and I've no problem exercising it.

I'm just so meeeeeeean and naaaaaaaasty and bad.
Hate me please.

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