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Someone do me a favor and shoot Michelle Branch in the head? Her whiny overpronunciation and safe, listenable pop songs and all that damned lip gloss.... they're just too much.
Natalie Imbruglia + Jewel + liberal dose of Ambercrombi & Fitch clothing+ accessories from Claire's

it's Dreck.
Oh, Bill Gaines, where art thou?

I was up rather late last night and had almost decided to sleep when I flipped around the channels one more time (finding it disturbing that no less than 6 channels were showing simultaneous coors light commercials) and found that Snatch was on. I really dig that movie and haven't seen it since the theatre. I even watched Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrells again the other day and wished I had Snatch so I could laugh at the character switches.
I picked up Lock, Stock several years ago. It was a cheap tape, I didn't know what it was and I was looking for something new. So I just fell in love with it. Loved the style and impressed with the editing. Mood music usually annoys the fuck out of me. It has to be done incredibly well for me to either find it innocuous or tolerable, never good. That whole... "insert big budget theme song here" technique or the swell of music underneath that heart touching reunion scene, they both can just instantly make me want to smack someone because it's usually *so* badly done.
But the mood music in snatch is actually *good*. The placement and tone of songs are really really good.
Nadja had good music, As Good As it Gets had Good music placement (in parts.. in some parts it got a bit much with the Randy Newmanized Jazz riffs)... I dunno, my brain stopped working.

And what's the deal with Randy Newman anyway? Why does he keep getting nominated for awards for his "I have one song with different words" movie scores? He's horrible. He's always BEEN horrible, it's not just an age thing.
I don't understand the appeal at all.

George Lopez. Trying to hone in on Paul Rodriguez's territory with the "accesible, friendly, hispanic man" schtick.
It's just sad when your whole routine is based on your race, no matter what your race is.
You have to be some sort of insanely funny to pull that off... and he's just not.
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