A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

My mother is the crankiest driver on earth.
She's also the most impatient person to ever utilize a drivethrough.

I don't do the fast food thing but once in a very very long while. But I like Hardee's peach shakes and haven't had one in probably well over a year. So suggested it. Well, they were mixing the shake stuff when we ordered, so it took awhile.
My mom said "What are they doing? Growing the damned peach trees?!" and comments that were variations on that theme for the whole 5 minutes we waiting.
I checked my watch.
It was really only 5 minutes.... "Guh, now we have to drive up.... he should have told us that 10 minutes ago!"

I'm not good around screamers or hand slammers or people like that. So it gets pretty aggravating being in the car with her sometimes because she just won't calm the hell down.

But I've got a peach shake.
And clothes, and my contact, and the foam core I need to finish my little project.

And I don't hate my face today. I don't hate my body today (it helped that a size I really didn't expect to fit, did.. and did so ampley). And I got stuff done so I'm feeling okay.

so far. ::grin::
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