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My father keeps asking me if I feel alright.
I'm shaking, stumbling, and have a look on my face that broadcasts loud and clear that I just don't feel well.
So I told him what happened. I made a sandwhich earlier with a boca burger (because we have no buns) on toast with some cheese.
About 4 bites into the sandwhich I looked down at the sandwhich and realized that I'd eaten about half through a 1/2 dollar size circle of bright green mold.
So I threw up about 4 times.
Since then, I haven't been able to even think about food. It makes my stomach clench.

Well, I'm someone who can FEEL their bloodsugar drop. So I've just gotten worse all day.
I have finally choked down half a chicken pattie. That's uh .. all I'm going to be able to manage, I think.

But I'm posting this because my father just told me that mold is beneficial. That unless you eat lots and lots of it... it's not bad for you. In fact it's good.
I explained to him that there are many molds that are lethal if ingested, and that just because one type of mold turned out to be a great anti-biotic, doesn't mean that ALL MOLD is good for you.

He just kept explaining that it was good for you and telling me to drink lots of water.
I'm the spawn of stupid.
Pure fucking stupid.


Aug. 18th, 2002 03:52 pm (UTC)
i can top that

my mother once washed out a calculator with soap and water (running under the tap) because the 9volt battery in the back of it had cracked open and leaked a bit.


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