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Tim called, more or less just to upset me, I think. I can't figure out any other point to the call, though it was ostensibly so that he could "aplogoize" and "get some things off his chest". Where "apologize" apparently means "take no responsibility and blame Holly for not trying hard enough" and "get some things off his chest" means "recount to Holly every instance he feels she committed a transgression."

Fun shit.
He got hung up on. I don't need that shit from him anymore. Then he called back and left a screechy screamy message on the machine because I wouldn't pick it up. I think he was trying to sound intimidating, but he's got a voice like a Disney character. Picture, say, DeNiro in Cape Fear bellowing at Nick Nolte and family, but having it come out sounding sort of like Flouder the fish from The Little Mermaid.
It's just not very effective.
"It's just a simple thing to listen. Why can't you just fucking do things the easy way and listen?"

So I'm a little annoyed about all of that. I kick people out of my life for very good reasons. It's just such a shame that they have to keep popping back up to prove to me how right I am.

On the other hand I watched Manhunter for the first time. Why have I never seen this, and why have I never read the books? It's about BSU agents taking down serial killers... how more "me" could it be?
Anyway, the back cover said it was superior to Silence of the Lambs and aside from a few unforgiveable instances of 80s music ("heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeart beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat, listen to my heeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaart beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat") I have to agree with the critics there.
I was really really impressed.

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