A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I watched Zoolander tonight. I feel dumber for having watched it. Ben Stiller can be a really funny guy. But sometimes he just tries waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too hard. This wasn't even good in a bad way, and I *love* good in a bad way. Quality bad movies are my thing.... and this was just putrid. Little wonder that it was a VH1 movie.
And little wonder that it had several mtv alums in the cast.

Does anyone else immediately think of "Small Wonder" (shit gaddamn I love IMDB) whenever someone says "little wonder"?
And is that thought immediately followed by random musings about Punky Brewster?

Anyway ... seriously.... Zoolander was *so* bad and lame. I didn't laugh or crack a smile.. and I'm already in a good mood. Those who know me know that I am *really* easy to make laugh when I'm in the mood to.

This was horribly lame.

I actually kind of want someone to tell me why it was good. I don't understand where or how it was funny.
Plus there's a Fred Durst cameo... that can never be a good thing.

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