A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Scrolling through NeilGaiman.net, I found this first line from a description on an audio book:
"Gaiman, Neil - Warning: Contains Language Audio CD's (DreamHaven Books 1995)."

Fancy that, eh?

On an entirely different note, the pro-ana communities are *still* disgusting, *still* out of line, and *still* only populated by disturbed little girls who've bought the lie or deluded themselves into thinking that their self worth is somehow attached to their current weight. Little girls, never women. I doubt any of them will *ever* be women, physically or emotionally.

Most of the chickies in the pro-ana communities on LJ strike me as bandwagon riders. I wonder how many of them are into self-injury too.

Update: I posted this before I scrolled through the rest of that ana_in_college community and saw the rest of the posts. It wasn't meant as an attack, but I still have no sympathy. You're not dumb. Don't behave as if you are. You aren't them, don't convince yourself that you are. You know that you aren't them. Don't damn yourself to that.

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