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Aug. 24th, 2002

And it's only $200....

But I think I found my winner.... I only wonder how they would fit on my head.

Comparing their stats to the Akgusa....
The highest range of sensitivity that any of the Akgusa have is to 94 dB/mW, where as the sony outputs to 107 db/mW
The power is off the charts on the sony (3000 mW) as compared to the 200mW of the Akgusa and the frequency range of the Akgusa (15-25,000Hz) just isn't as impressive as the super low range capability on the sony (down to 5 Hz).

Now, do I know if that really makes *that* much of a difference?

Still impressive.
(and since I've no idea of a price range on the Akgusa... I don't know if they're a total rip off or just not made for the same sort of sound...)
I didn't look very far into the Sennheiser 'phones becuase they struck me as being very very similar to the Akgusa and I'm of the mind (and I could be horribly wrong here) that they're just geared toward different things.


Aug. 24th, 2002 03:50 pm (UTC)
hehe.. I couldn't remember which you said, so I just went and looked. Kooky.

I checked out the AKG and Sennheiser first.. .their stats are very similar.. the only difference that seemed all that great was the weight of the phones. Heh.
Then I looked at the sony and just... shit GADDAMN, they're some impressive stats...

Like I said last night.. both my most used headphones have been sony and I've liked them, I just want the bigger, better, more of it.
I mean ... the ones I use here at the computer (the comfy ones) .. I looked them up earlier and you can literally get them for $10.
But they're still pretty damned good and, old as they are, it's taken a *really* long time for their quality to degrade.
The others are $20 headphones, another cheap set, and would be great if the ear pads were bigger and went AROUND my hears instead of sitting right on them and *squeazing* them into little pulpy ear bits. (they say they're "supra aural" but.. mmmno. I have small ears... there's no way these would fit AROUND most people's ears)

rambling? yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh.


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