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Someone make Heather Matarazzo dead please?

I loved Welcome to the Dollhouse. But I'm sorry ... that just isn't enough to justify her continued existence.

Karl rocks more than you do.
No, really... you kind of suck.

Bagels! Honey Wheat Bagels!

I slept in. My sister was here when I woke up.... guuuuuuuuuh.

My hair feels really really good and if you're really good and you watch your hands, I might let you touch it.

My sinuses never bothered me until I stopped smoking.
I think the tar coating somehow prevented histimine reaction.
Now it's nearly daily issues and I long for winter, where pollen may not roam.

The hives, the white stripes, the strokes, the "insert band here".... guh.
Stop emulating bands that were great. Innovate something.
And don't feed me that "there is nothing new to be created" crap.

I'm going to buy a futon sometime this week. I might go to the (chimmney hill chimmney hill) futon king. He's been in business in the area (when he was CostPlus furniture and had his 5 year old daughter doing his commercials) since the 70s. If he was a total schiester, he'd be gone.
And plus I just think it would be funny.
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