A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

This person took the contents of their journal from the How To Be Goth Online Handbook. Glen Danzig, Pinhead, and a gothy face I know but can't place for icons...

"would you attend my funeral" , listening to joy division, quoting 'goodbye cruel world' from pink floyd, quoting the "darkness" bits of Legend, praise of the Danzig show he went and saw... but special praise for "mother" (I've got a problem with the people who seem to glom onto that song the way they tend to. It was the song that got popular, so it's the one people know. Personally, if I'm going to listen to Danzig at all, and I probably won't, it'll be Black Aria. It's kind of goofy, but heartfelt) the name nephilim...
why not just call yourself azrael and be done with it? (there was a REASON they used that name for "Goth Talk" on SNL... even CHAD used to call himself azrael at one point in time...)

There was a point in time when if I were forced to identify myself as *anything*... it would have been goth. It wasn't really accurate, but it was close. Seeing a vague semblance of how I was (and I was never a moody little dork who talked about my own funeral ad nauseum or pretended depression was KoOL) slowly evolve into this *outrageous* parody... guh. I was 16 and I came by it honestly. There wasn't a phase to grow out of. I stopped wearing makeup becuse I got sick of wearing makeup. I started wearing jeans a lot more often than long black dresses because it was easier.
hehe.. I didn't grow out of it, I got lazy. That's my explanation.

But people like this dude (and there are tons of them on LJ , most of them under 21...), I think they want the mocking that they'll get becuse it just makes the whole tortured, dark, mysterious thing even more convincing for them.

They take nice moody shadow photos though.

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