A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

yawn yawn yawn stabbing pain my shoulder yawn yawn
I really didn't sleep much last night so I'm a little over-tired this morning. And tomorrow I get to get up at 6:30! woohooo!
I think the way I slept (not well) contributed to this random stabbing pain thing I've got going on right now. And boy howdy could I use a fuckin nap.

Coffee no worky.

I found the weirdest thing the other day when I was straightening the home office area...
An empty (used) ink cartidge for a laser jet printer. It was just ... stuck in with the others. I guess whoever found it before thought it was just out of its package and just shoved it there.

Okay... in my giddy, goofy, Tenacious-D-stuck-in-my-head-all-day mindset last night... it was the weirdest thing. I giggled a bit over it. And you can't get away with singing "Karate" when you work in retail. "with karate I will kick your ass. From here, to right over there. Uh-huh motherfucker, I'm gonna kick your fuckin derrier, yeah yeah-huh. You broke the rules. Now I'll pull out all your pubic hair... you motherfucker...."

Today, I have to ask them to put me on a register for the "training" so when they call for help 3 billion times, I can go help instead of pissing off the longer time floor people with a shrug and puppy eyes whenever they ask if maybe *I* could go up this time.

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