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"There's two things missing from my life. Love and money. If I could steal, then maybe I'd be happy. Gimmie bread, I want no more, give me cake and I want cream and if I scream, it's cuz I want to."

Angry chick music that has nothing to do with an indie guitar riff, folk music, or a prodigyl piano player.
It's refreshing.
And I wish I could do those lil growly noises when I talked/sang as effortlessly as Ruby seems to.
bud, Flippin' Tha Bird, Heidi, Parrafin, Swallow baby... excellent fucking songs. Even if you have no clue what the hell she's talking about ("old man's ass. 50 heads wide. old man's ass, could stretch a battleship side to side. are we all wrapped up? wrapped up together? Are we all wrapped up? fit for the kill. Are we all wrapped up, wrapped up together, stretch my neck to look up to him...") and sometimes, you won't have a clue... she's still just soo.. herm. I don't think I can explain.
She's strong in a way that has nothing to do with "I am woman hear me roar" and everything to do with being a scottish freak.

I enjoy it a lot.

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