A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

If I'd been looking forward to this holiday weekend, I'd probably be annoyed, given the weather.
It's rained every day since wednesday, sometimes just showers and sometimes out and out downpours (at the same time that the state finally declared water restrictions in recognition of the drought we're in and have been in for quite awhile. I guess it took the rain to remind them?) and becuase I'm working, that's fine with me. But were I off and looking to get out of the house and enjoy some time off... I'd be one annoyed, unhappy little consumer right now.

I'm thanking my lucky stars that I get off work early today so I don't have to be there in the afternoon and evening. Cleanup from today is going to be hellish. On Friday certain clothing sections of the store were so bad that you could not walk through the department without stepping on clothes. Why? Because people are pigs and their children are ugly, sloppy little freaks. ::nods::
The idea of ever running around a department store wrekeing havoc is just... not one that would EVER be based in my reality.
If we just didn't keep up or... whined or something we got sent to the car to wait and then got a beating once at home. So the concept of letting your kid actually BREAK racks by swinging on them and getting MAD AT THE STORE when a chunk of the metal beans little Timmy in the head... just how insane do you have to be?
Of course, working opening today is only a small break from working closing tomorrow. There's a weird comfort in knowing that you're just going to be stuck there until the joint is clean, ya know?
maybe it's just me.
Oh yeah, and most of the people I work with have kids. I'm not a lech, talking to the young boys more than the chicks... it's just that talking to the chicks means playing empathy at the state of having a kid when you're in high school and acting like you squeezed out the arc of the covenant, so great was your act. It was a baby. Just a baby.
You got pregnant. You had a baby. That's it. It might be impressive that neither of you are addicted to crack and you manage to show up for work more often than not... but only in comparison to all the people who can't do that. You're ahead of the curve, but you're still just someone who bred. You fulfilled your biological function. ::shrug::
Should I really be more sympathetic here? I've just met a LOT of "just so proud of myself for getting pregnant" chicks and it never fails to baffle me.

And besides, I'm still a tomboy so of COURSE I get along better with the boys. I have no problem lifting things, getting dirty, doing grunt work... And I'm more interested in my pants coming down to a certain length past my ankles than I am about how my boobs look.



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