A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Trying to figure out if the Jah Wobble tracks I downloaded that are only tagged as 01-17 are in the same order as the actual album is not going well. I can't find lyrics (of course) and I don't know the songs really (cept the "el camino" song which I recognize but don't know the name of for sure and 'el camino' is *not* the name of the song) so I have no way of figuring this out.
Sort of frustrating.
I suppose it doesn't really *matter*, but given the way I describe music, it would be good say be able to say "I like 'becoming more like god'" instead of "I like that track with the bass heavy beat and super high singer with the floaty, tori-like voice and the sitar-sounding melody with the lyric line sung right along"
Which is actually more clear than I usually am.
I really like the "el camino" track... but I don't know the name..I think it's Whisky Priests.... but not sure...oh wait... "esta es uno cancione des sacerdotes de whisky... "
So I guess that's it. Hehe.

Someone at work the other day asked me what sort of music I listen to and followed it quickly with "please don't tell me pop music."
I rattled off some people I like (mbm, ruby, damage manual, moonshake, soul coughing, jeff buckley,air liquide, depth charge, laika ), got a long blank stare and said "well okay, we'll just say "non-mainstream" and leave it at that.. kay?"
I didn't get a chance to ask what they listened to, but I got the impression that "nickleback" or "limp bizkit" would pop up in there somewhere.

I think most people have strong connections between music and memories. I'm no exception. The thing for me at this point is finding music that isn't going to make me sad, because I've so often taken refuge in sound when I've been in need of human contact.
The thing is though... so much of the music that I've found inspirational or beautiful lately, I've wanted to talk about. The only person who can stand me babbling on about this is akadashi, and he's been pretty scarce lately. So I don't know if it's worth it, in a way... because a lot of the joy in listening to these things is being able to try out attempting to explain it, putting into words the feelings, the colors, the shape of it all.

I will listen anyway.

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