A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I ended up watching this movie the other night.
One of the reviews there says it's "Unwatchably Awful" and I have to almost agree. I watched almost an hour of it, never really got what was going on, but I was just *dying* everytime they showed Arye Gross (He was Wendell in The Experts and Jesse in House II: The Second Story) in almost-drag with his heavily made up face and little hat.

It's just a *horrible* movie. I mean... really really bad.
But they had a lot of really good drag queens in it...

And someone beat up Balthazar Getty. That's good, right?

The parts I saw involved a long pointless story about a guy in france told by one queen to another, two hitmen piling leaves over a body in the "swamp", said hitmen getting grabbed by a self styled satanic cult leader and *almost* tortured, but thwarting it due to a knife up a jacket sleeve, Burt Reynolds constantly biting off the heads of the rats and chickens *about* to be used on him and the power mysteriously, without reason or explanation, going out. Oh, and an interruption by the mom of the cult leader telling him dinner would be done soon.

There were so many things that they didn't explain that I'm pretty sure they had to edit the hell out of it and there were so many scenes that I'm pretty sure were rehearsal shots, not actual print shots that uh ... hehe.. it was just great.
I want to see the whole thing now.

Bless HBO for running out of things to show at 4 am.
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