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I have two copies of Idoru and can't find either of them. This is what happens when I pack up books. I never know what I'll want to dig out 6 months from now... so how do I know what's safe to pack away?
So, instead of reading the next book in the series (I just finished Virtual Light and all I can say is, I miss the deck cowboys and molly) I've been reading Fraud by David Rakoff. David is the David who went to Disneyland with Sarah Vowell in Take The Cannoli.
He's pretty damned hilarious and actually used the word Logorhhea. I'm probably way out of the loop, and you've already read it, but luvrhino would definitely enjoy this book.
I've also been sporatically reading I Thought My Father Was God, from the NPR story project. It's a collection of short, true stories submitted by listeners. The stories are about just about anything, but all seem to convey a sense of wonder in the world and it's been a nice thing to read and discover that these things can still be moving in the face of my incredible cynicism.

I've also read several books on religion, re-read several ed gorey books (amphigorey, amphigorey too, amphigorey also), re-read the Book of Leviathan, and parts of Everything You Know is Wrong, the second book from Disinfo.com. No Noam Chomsky articles this time, but lots of things about what the cia and fbi knew before september 11th last year (those were the ones I skipped over. I'm full up on that for quite awhile) .

I am disgustingly rambly today.


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Sep. 12th, 2002 03:36 pm (UTC)
Sarah Vowell is on tonight's 'The Daily Show'
You seem to know my tastes pretty well. I definitely did enjoy Fraud. And you're not that far out of my loop, because my only mention of it to goats-fans was in an NP tag.

I'm all for you recommending lovely books to read, even if i've already read them.
Sep. 12th, 2002 07:04 pm (UTC)
She was on Letterman last week too
I've had that book sitting around for quite awhile, but since I've almost moved several times now, it's been in a bag with a lot of other books, waiting for a box and I found it while looking for All Tomorrow's Parties, which I can't actually read until I find a copy of Idoru.

So yeah. I actually couldn't remember what it was or who it was by or about until I read the back praise area.
Good stuff.

And Ken, the man rivals Mark for verbosity and is still hilarious. Of *course* you'd like him. That and you have good taste.

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