A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

My sister gets BBCamerica. So she's been having her husband tape Ground Force and Changing Rooms for her becuase she's never home when they're on and he is. After she'd watched the tape, she brought it over here and now it's in my vcr. I was up until about 5:30 this morning watching it (there is a special thrill in recorded television that comes from fast forwarding through the commercials... though I will say that *I* now want a flip and fold. "Just Flip Flip Flip and Fold! It's fast *AND* fun!" and it's only $19.99. These people must buy special time on BBCamerica as I saw this commercial at *least* 20 times).
I've decided that I really like Ground Force.
Charlie should break down and pull her hair into a ponytail now and again instead of constantly flipping it out of her face.. just seems uncomfy...
And the guy who sometimes is on the show as part of the crew and works with Tommy. I dunno his name, but he's got an accent so thick and undecipherable that I can't even decide what part of the UK he's from. I'll figure out who he is when I watch the rest of the tape, hopefully.

As for Changing Rooms, well, I wish it was an hour long like its american counterpart becuase they actually make RADICAL changes (like knocking down walls or ripping into plaster to find buried fireplaces ... and discovering huge wasp nests in the process. hehe) and because I want to find Handy Andy and make him mine. ::nods::
The shows I've seen, he hasn't had much if any of a spot on. But there was one where Ana drew a lil sketch on a random piece of wood and wrote "tv stand "heart" Ana" and then popped up later when he was cutting to say "oh good, you understood my note"
And he looked at her and said "your note... (watch him restrain himself) your note was *CRAP*" And then she basically asked him to hurry up and said that she'd made tea. "Oh I've had YOUR tea... no thank you..." in the most sarcastic "I've had it with you, you freaky little design twerp" tones...
Now he has to marry me. ::Nod::

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