A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I have to be at work in 45 minutes. I've been awake for half an hour. I fell asleep around 3.
Do the math.

Okay, well, I'll do the math. I slept in a hell of a lot later than I meant to. So I got almost 4 hours of sleep instead of 3. I'm wearing the pants that fit the first week of work and not since because, well they're clean and the others that are clean are too comfy to be wasted on a 4 hour cashier day. If that makes any sense.
Like... I wouldn't wear these if I were going to be doing my usual job. But since I'll be more or less standing in one spot today, I think I can get away with it.
Tapered legs and nearly a foot of excess fabric through the upper thighs, hips and waist.
hehe.. and finding pants that fit, I'd bought two pairs.
Ah well.

I'm not hungry, but I want to eat something.
I, very unfortunately, have "Jane Says" stuck in my head. Not that it's a bad song. In fact, it's one of the few Jane's Addiction songs that I would call a *good* song, But it's just that... "Perry Farrell's super ballad" song. The one that radio stations play obsessively (while ignoring "Under the Tahitian Moon" becuase it's too cheesy). I really realy dislike Perry Farrell for many reasons, not the least of which is lollapalooza. Sounded like a good idea. *Once*.
Then it sounded like a corporate marketting vp's wet dream.
We repeat everything into mediocrity.

Ya know what I really dig? Annie Lennox's cover of "Waiting in Vain." In fact, Medusa is just a great album through and through. Annie even rocks doing a Neil Young song.

So I just ate a couple of (pretty damned good) toaster waffle thingies.
My stomach doesn't know what to do. "What? Food before 5 pm?! But you aren't even drunk!"

And Jane Says is still stuck in my head. "BUT SHE CAN'T HIT!"

Choose Your Mood. It was one of the very goofy things in that FISH philosophy video we watched at the indoctrination into the bright and shiney cult that is my job. But I think that part has merit. One guy talked about being tired and cranky and a lil hungover with no sleep, but he was going to be in a good mood today, because he chose to be. I've found that it works as it relates to work. It doesn't work in interpersonal things becuase, well, doesn't someone you love at the time you love them effect you on a deeper level than your job? I really really hope that answer is yes. heh.
But going into work and just deciding not to be in a shitty mood while there... I find it works and it really makes the day so much damned easier when you decide not to dwell while you're trying to get through a work agenda.

early morning babbles are the best. Why? because I'd never say this shit in person. Why? I can barely get out my name and a hello in the mornings. But apparently, I can type just fine.

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