A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Today I had to cover softlines. ALL OF IT.
Ladies, Mens, Boys, Girls, Infants, Shoes, Accesories. It's fully half the store. It's also not the half of the store that I know.
It also just happened to happen on a day when I worked 9 hours. There was no one in softlines to cover while the two chicks over there worked on things in the back. Sooooo.. it was all me.
Yes, I'm whining.

One of the chicks I had pegged for a dancer/ballerina. Today I overheard her talking about how fat she was and how she has to lose weight and work out more because her ass is just SOOO BIG.
And then rounded out the disgust by bragging to another chick about a party where she was "just soooo drunk. I like.. can't even *think* about vodka anymore. But like, now I like wine. Especially merlot. The wild vines is really really good."
I restrained myself from killing her or showing my disdain mainly because then I'd have to actually interact with her.
The people who work in softlines are all these... certain types. I can't define it.. but the people who are over there all the time, there's just something that makes me want to run through and smack them all.
First of all, they're all clothes/shoes/fashion/hair obsessed. They get their nails done. They all wear makeup. They are all sure that they're cuter than all the others. And that sort of thing *really* matters to them. Basically, they're all those chicks I loathed and avoided in junior high and high school.
I spent way too long today hearing them babble on about parties and guys and who did what to who and all their tangled, full, empty lives.
And then I spent about 45 minutes with a chick trying to pick out a watch. She was this very petite girl with a crew cut who was concerned that certain of the mens watches looked too "girly." She was nice about it though, and it kept me from the hell of the girly babble at the fitting rooms.
As Keith put it today "you're in softlines today? Who did you piss off?" for he knows my pain.

I'm exhausted. I'm so glad that I get to sleep in tomorrow. But I'm not so glad that I only work 3 days next week. They have cut hours all of a sudden. I think it's due to another influx of new hires. Give it a week, half of them will be gone, not counting on having to actually "work" at this "job" thing. I was talking to Tricia about it and almost complained about my hours, but since she said "they cut me down to 15" and I was *going* to say "they cut me down to 21"... I figured it would be a bad idea. heh.
And I have a day next week where I'm scheduled from 2:45 to 3:30 as a cashier and then 3:30 to 9 on the floor.
What I want to know is, what crack addict got into the gaddamn scheduling computers?

Money is deposited. I'm in the green by a little over $100. woohoo.
I think I'm actually too tired to take a shower. But I have to. I could always make coffee... hehe.

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