A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I have a few Candles.

My mother insists that with the prayer candles and then the weird lil plates and holders scattered about that it looked like a Santeria altar. There are no skulls or dead chickens laid about, so I think it's missing a lot in that respect.
The novena candles are my favorites. I've always loved them and a few years ago go really into collecting them. I think my favorite is Saint Jude, but the Seven Egyptian Wonders candle is really fucking cool too. And the Saint Barbara candle has a novena on the back asking for The Lord to please"keep away the wicked miserable people who lurk in the shadows seeking to harm me."
Which makes that candle wonderful too. heh.

The three on the right that you can see are Rose-Guadalupe, The Sacred Heart of Jesus, and Saint Jude. You can just barely see the face of Saint Barbara on the left, then a simple yellow candle, mostly obscuring the 7 Egyptian Wonders candle and beside that, almost completely dark is the Sacred Heart of Mary.
But most of them are mostly burnt through or unusable due to cheap, unwired wicks and not having the presence of mind to go ahead and pour off the wax to keep it from pooling and rehardening. but at the same time... I dunno if I can get rid of these. Heh.

It's just barely visible in the picture, but there's a little brass minorah in the middle of all that, heavily coated in Chanukah candles drippings. That, the Jesus candles and the large "Question Authority" bumper sticker on my wall there made for an interesting corner. I took some film camera shots and we'll see how they came out too. I think I'm finally getting the idea about this whole... making sure the light levels are right thing. But we'll see.

And now for a bit of camera whoredom
I took a pic a minute ago. I just grabbed the camera and took a picture of my blank face.

And I was amazed at how pissed off I looked.

So I took another and smiled a little.

That was better, but it made me laugh becuase it's so freaking FAKE.. hehe... So after actually laughing but before it faded completely I took another.

And I was struck by how very very different each face looks. To the point where they almost look like different people.
I am the play-doh faced girl in more ways than just my ability to make really ugly faces.
(no pictures of those. They're actually too ugly for that sort of thing)

And now I've about 45 minutes before I should be ready for work.

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