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Feelin my Wheaties.

I think I was more or less asleep for most of the call with Dave last night. Not that I was actually falling asleep. But I think I said "yeah" and just laughed more than I actually talked. Which is a shame since he was feeling particularly Schticky. Of course, that might have been a good thing too, as he gets all confrontational and threatened feeling about anyone being smarter or funnier than he is.

What? Me bitchy? Naaaaaaah.
I've been floating along in a pretty good mood lately. Simply because I choose to. There have been plenty of things that could very well have made me feel like shit. I could be angry, moody, depressed, feeling misunderstood and disliked...but I'm just not letting that happen. Not ignoring my feelings, just not letting the inane piddly shit things a chance to rip me up. And I think that makes a big difference. Wallowing around in depressive states makes you feel all... outsider and misunderstood (sometimes in a good way, usually not) and it's really difficult to even WANT to get out of it. But I did, so really...the world at large is just going to have to try harder to try to make me feel like shit.

I've got way too many days off this week. I work tomorrow, tuesday, and then SATURDAY. 3 days in a row off work. I think I'll probably go crazy. But I've already got my projects planned. Hehe.. For those of you (Karl) who tend to be the recipients of the toil of my lil projects, prepare thyself. Actually, all that means is I might actually send the package I've had ready for weeks.

What's with all the chicks with the low rise jeans and the fake leather, low studded belts?
Is that the new "you gotta get this look?"
There are at *least* 5 chicks at work who always wear one of those belts with their low rise pants. And more and more people who dress that way all the time all over the place. And ya know what? It looks contrived and trendy and they all deserve to have their 17 magazine asses beat to shit for being easily lead automaton.

Do you dig the way that looks? Well you're dumb too.



Sep. 24th, 2002 05:09 am (UTC)
There were two women in the store the other day who were both really really tall. I'm 5'6" and they both fairly towered over me (5'10" - 6'2" range, I shit you not) but they were definitely female.
They both had that, big, overly processed, too much hairspray for a lifetime, frosted hair thing going on and enough makeup between them to put polka dots of "blushing pink" on half the atlantic fleet.
They were wearing "workout clothes"... spandex shorts and tops, and the super hideous one had on a zip up grey sweatshirt that was unzipped.
I've never seen chicks in "workout clothes" look this BAD. Usually there's a level of vanity that goes with even ATTEMPTING to put on that gear, so you know when you look like shit. She had the sort of belly you expect to see on a dead-chasing, hippie earthmother type. Not this strained yuppie wanna be thing.

I dunno. Just freaked me out at the time.
Too early.


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