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There's this thing I do that only my mom ever laughs at. Because she's a sicko.
Everytime I see Bob Hope, either on a show or a still shot of him I say in very strident tones " His eyes are bleeding!"

She always giggles.

I've made the mistake of watching the emmys. Jon Stewart was robbed by *Sting* of all people... which was just disgusting. But then, I hear that one of the nominations for outstanding variety/musical series is the Tribute to America thing with all the movie stars and singers. The one that raised something like 64 million dollars in one night.
I was really just sickened. Why, I'm not sure... considering that it probably shouldn't suprise me that the producers of that show would be that fucking... *gauche*. Submitting that show for consideration for an award should have been the last thing on their to do list given the nature of the show and the nature of the events it was memorializing/raising money for. Looking for a pat on the back for what should have been considered a work of charity and goodwill runs just a little counter to the message, doesn't it?
I saw that the concert for new york was nominated as well.
Shame on them too.

And the kicker... they won. They won an award for best direction.
The director was also the director of the most recent MTV video music awards. So I guess he's already been reaping the awards of making a really touching cash cow.


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Sep. 22nd, 2002 09:38 pm (UTC)
I make a point to not watch any of the award shows unless I like the host. I like Conan O'Brian so I watched a little bit of the begining and he didn't seem to be too on his game.

I agree that just submitting the tribute show is pretty disgusting. The singers made a point of not having their name displayed during the show and this guy hooks his name on to it to win an award. I saw part of the MTV award shwo and wasn't impressed with it. Too bad there aren't any award shows for having morals.
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