A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I watched this really bad movie until way too late last night. It was called Ginger Snaps. not having any idea what it was, just that it was one and there were two weird, depressive chicks talking about their death pact, I watched. You find out right from the getgo that it's a horror movie, so I'm not ruining anything with that.
I actually got into it. It was silly and cheesy, but I dunno... something about it. It wasn't the disgustingly cliched horror flick and that pleased me muchly. It's really really rare that I see a horror movie these days that I really enjoy. I think Night of the Living Dead might have been the last genuinely scary movie I watched. While this one didn't actually *scare* me, it was pretty damned entertaining, with a severe lack of "my god this movie is so fucking cliched" eye rolling.

I'm a little cranky today. I'm trying not to let it seep in and infect my real mood too much, and I'm doing well I think, aside from the mandatory "no I was just joking" conversation already today.

I have a song from the Swanky Modes stuck in my head. But since I'm the only person in the Western Hemisphere who's actually seen and enjoyed Tapeheads... well then, I'll just sing it to myself, dammit.

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