A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I went into work to pick up my check and to get some comfy pajama pants things (I found some that might just beat out my piggie pajamas. But I need to wash and dry them on high heat a few times. They're XXL and WAAAAAAY too big... but they're monkeys and bananas. And I got some soft knit ones with lil rubber duckies all over them) and when going through the line, Nick said "I just need to tell you that your i.d. photo is *not* the best picture of you. It doesn't even LOOK like you."
It was a few years ago and I hadn't really thought of it, but looking at it now... DEAR LORD do I look different.

The lil lines and such are from the Virginia hologram thing they put over the whole card.

It's nice to not only feel very different but to know you look very different as well.
I'm about to have some morning star farms 'chicken' nuggets and then I'm going to finish cleaning up that room... a little... as much as I can...

I have to do laundry too.
My mother thinks that I should dye by hair dark brown. I'm actually considering it.
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