A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

The norfolk school board has instituted a new dress code. Part of it is that all students must tuck in their shirts. These kids don't wear uniforms, these aren't private schools, they just have to tuck in their shirts.
The reasoning behind the decision is that someone could hide a gun in a waistband.

Now, I think this whole thing is stupid. But then, I have issue with dress codes in public schools anyway. My sister thinks they shouldn't "dress like slobs. You know with the really baggy pants that hang off their ass and like... a huge jersey overtop."
So we know where her ideas about acceptable dress lie.
wear all the ripped up, scuffed, holes-in clothes ya like...but there's a strict no Jnco policy in *this* school!

I have to go be a cashier for the rest of the day. I really dislike this. I got called in last night becuase they had several cashiers call in and not show up. Woohoo. More hours. And Neil got me off the registers as soon as possible and had me push a huge flat of reshop (and then gave me a helper when he realized that he gave me something that would normally take a flow team crew about an hour) and we finished it up (straightening departments as we went because apparently no one had) except for one box of shoes and one half full box of shirts. I rock. That Dave guy who helped me rocks. Neil rocks for giving me hours.
But today... today I fear is gonna suck.

I had the worst night of sleep EVER.
Made weirder by the fact that I just didn't feel tired and I don't feel tired today. Maybe I've evolved beyond sleep, eh?
Maybe not.

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