A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I woke up really late. Because after I swore I was going up to bed, I just didn't feel tired in the sleepy way. Sure, I was tired, very much so. But I was tired in a "lay in bed and talk until I can't really make words anymore" tired. Or a "pass out 3/4 of the way through a movie tired... not "snuggle into bed and fall right to sleep" tired. And even after I got done watching "Analyze This" (I'd never seen it. It's not bad for a movie with Billy Crystal in it. I usually find him pretty grating. And, of course, I wasn't expecting anything spectacular, so I didn't have high hopes to get dashed) around 5 this morning, it still took awhile to sleep.
So I didn't wake up until about 12:30.

I came downstairs to make coffee and discovered one dozen donuts *and* 12 bagels had been purchased this morning (I'm figuring the donuts were bought by my father. And I'm envisioning the dirty looks and eyerolls from my mother and it... it fits) but only 3 of each have been eaten.
Some people got a lil over-ambitious on the breakfast front, apparently.

And no one made coffee. To me, that's just a sin. You can have a bagel without cream cheese, that's fine with me... but without coffee? *heinous*. Same for donuts. How the HELL do you even eat a donut without the coffee? You just let all that obnoxiously sweet sugary stuff sit there in your mouth? Doesn't it make your tongue hurt after awhile? Isn't the after-taste putrid?

Sweet breakfast foods kind of creep me out anyway. Like... I like nutella... but telling me to have some on toast for breakfast.... well that's just silly. I also like my waffles and pancakes with just a little butter and if i use syrup, it's in very very very sparse quantities. I was always stunned by people like my sister who'd want a stack of waffles with fruit syrup, strawberries, butter, whipped cream.... guh.
Just the thought makes me a lil icky.
I might as well have a fluffernutter for breakfast. (peanut butter and marshmellow fluff. Navy housing favorite)

I dunno. coffee coffee coffee!

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