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A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Up to a point, I can agree with Ann Coulter's article about the Oscars and Halle Berry's win with sentiments like: "She had spent weeks complaining about one time she did not get a role because of her color. It was the part of a forest ranger. Arnold Schwarzenegger probably has trouble getting cast as a ballet dancer, too."

But Ann Coulter is a super right wing, racist, head in the sand, conservative, apologist, sensationalizing, creatively quoting idiot.
So I keep that in mind when I keep reading. The source *always* needs consideration.

"Thus, Berry has explained her philosophy on nude scenes, saying: "[I]f it's what the character would do, then I'd use my body in any way that would best serve that character." This, she said, is her "strong belief." But what does it mean, exactly? Don't all people undress sometimes? All people pick their noses, but vapid Hollywood actresses don't insist on showing us that in every movie on the grounds that it is "what the character would do." "

Every movie? Wasn't it just the one? Or was that a flip over to the *broader* topic of all actresses, nothing to do with the particulars of the person the whole article is about?
It annoys me when writers for opinion rags do this. It's a neat lil gambit and all, but you have to basically turn off critical thinking and just nod and accept. I wonder what the "dittohead" equivelant is for fans of Ann Coulter?

But if you just keep going, you figure out where he real issue is, even in just this article, because Ann has the scope and breadth of thought exemplified in hungry dogs.

"Whenever white liberals are in trouble, they always run to the blacks. Immediately after the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, Monica went to a Washington Wizards game where she hoisted some poor unsuspecting black girl onto her lap in full view of the cameras. Bill Clinton dropped the subtlety and dashed off to Africa. After his abomination of a presidency, Jimmy Carter built housing in Harlem."

Apparently Julia Roberts hugging Denzel Washington and gushing about getting a kiss from Sidney Poitier was her pandering and making a big show of "liking black people."
I'd be all a flutter too if Sidney Poitier gave me a kiss. And, though sort of goofy, it was obvious to me that Denzel and Julia are actually friends and that he was happy about her happiness. Dunno. Maybe my eyes are too liberal.

This is a woman who should just hang up her hat as regards the literary intrigue game. She's poor at it. She should instead just replace the entirety of all of her articles with conservative think-tank bumper sticker phrases. It would save her time and she wouldn't have to strain herself or her readership with her vain attempts and being clever or witty.
I think it would also be an improvement to see Coulter articles stripped bare, to the point... "Liberals are evil, anyone left of me is liberal, I hate Bill Clinton and you should too. All democratic presidents *ever* were evil. I'm frustrated that Rush Limbaugh still has more fans than me. Black people should quit whining, we gave them their freedom, that's enough. Kill all illegal immigrants. Big Business Good. Public aid for the hundreds of thousands out of work because of Big Business' dirty business practices BAD."

Oh nevermind.. it could go on and on.
Party line politics.... great stuff. Got us where we are today. And don't we all agree that it's a WONDERFUL place?

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