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have ya ever been trying to move a piece of heavy furniture out of a spot just big enough to hold it into another spot just big enough to hold it (that you happen to be standing in) and your only way to do this is to lift it straight up off the ground about 3 feet to avoid the window sill and then cant it to the left (while still holding it in the air) to avoid the curtain rod and then slowly back up and move to the side, while still moving the furniture into the same place and then finding out that the edge of the piece seems to be snagging the cord to your television and is about to pull it onto the floor so, pinning the piece against the wall with one hand and one knee and then bending down and around attempt to move the cord that's just an inch too far out of your reach, but knowing that any move at this point is going make the tv go crash and then have a trickle of sweat run down the side of your nose and itch like all hell?

Yeah I hate that.

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