A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I tried to convert this very very crappy featherbed my sister gave me into a large floor pillow. I'm still going to finish it, but after ending up with bits of down and feather ALL OVER my very nicely vacuumed and dusted, but still very very disheveled room, I'm a lil frustrated.
So I'm having coffee with heavy spikes of amaretto.

Today I spent some money on other people after denying any money being spent on myself. I'm like that, apparently. I really need a few shirts that fit and a few pairs of jeans that don't hang low enough that I have to pull them up constantly. But everytime I pick up a few things and head to the checkouts, I guilt myself out of it and walk back and put it all back in place on the racks.
This is a major reason why I only have really crappy beat up clothes. I can never justify the expense to myself, despite knowing that when I look better, I feel better. And feeling better should be a really high priority.


I watched Apocalypse Now for the first time last night. I know, it's a sin that I haven't seen it before this. But truth be told, it just didn't interest me. I don't think I've ever seen a film of that era more beautifully shot. Somehow smokebombs and jungles and the way the light twists in the heavy humidity were just so gorgeous with Coppla's wide angle eyes. Amazing stuff.
And I also now know why so many people claim it's a great trip movie. I can fully see it... but I dunno if it would be a GOOD great trip movie. I don't know. I never dropped and then went out of my way to freak myself out. I was never that sort of masochist. Hehe

All in all, I was really impressed with it. Yes, to those of you who are already fans, I'm sure that's the most banal comment you could hope to hear. But really, I was impressed. The fact that I'm not ripping it to shreds speaks volumes.
I think the fade shots got to be a bit too much about halfway in, but I understand why they were used so much and they were pretty important for the mood. Right at the moment I'm looking up Coppola to see if there are other of his movies I already like... As you can see, I haven't paid much attention to these things.
The Outsiders I've seen.... that had a lot of that weird fade thing too. And I thought the characters were really poorly casted. But well, I've read the book.... never really liked the book either.
Uhm.. I've seen Peggy Sue Got Married.... not really a favorite, but Nick Cage as a crooner is good.
Bram Stoker's Dracula was an excellent version of the story. Gary Oldman is great. Winona Ryder has big tits (bout all I can say for her) and Keanu Reeves is a pretty boy. But Hopkins made an excellent Van Helsing and of course, the wonderful Tom Waits.
The Rainmaker. It's a John Grisham story. I think the looming morality in a John Grisham story just outdoes any directorial stuff.
As for the others listed here... the godfather movies, and lots of things I've never heard of (this is looking *just* at what he's directed).
But realizing now that he's the "mob movie guy"... I'm even more suprised at Apocalypse Now.

I've realized that there are just TONS of movies that are considered classics or 'must sees' that I've never even gotten close to seeing. Tomorrow I have a lil bit of shopping to do and I think one of my stops will be the nearest blockbuster or hollywood video for a membership. Time to play catchup. Aside from working, I don't do much of anything anyway. Might as well fill my free time with film education.

So, are there any MUST SEE movies that I've been missing and should damned well see? Anything you can think of that you consider one of those movies that a person just isn't complete until they've seen.

Drop Dead Fred goes to the top of *my* list...

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