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Avril Lavigne is on Letterman.
I think I'll rewrite "Yellin in my ear" from OpIvy and make it "Bullet in her head"
Bullet in her head
How lame can you be
Bullet in her head
wanna be Gwen Stefani
Bullet in her head
Bullet in her head..
Bulleeeeet .in. .her. .head.

Okay.. it's better when I hear it in my mind with the goofy punk boy singer. You know.. the actual punk boy.. not the 15 year old pretty girl trying *really* *really* hard.
I'm amaretto punchy. It's only like... 25proof, but I had a whole pot of coffee with it and then a few rocks glasses worth.
Sleep tonight at all costs.

OOooh to still have local pothead friends...
At least I'm a mellow happy drunk when I'm not drinking in a bad mood.

There is this chick at work... Cynthia... who was in my orientation group. From the moment I laid eyes on her I knew she was going to be one of those people who just annoyed the ever loving shit out of me. And, boy howdy, was I right. She was familiar, first of all. I'm pretty sure that she was one of those cashiers who came and went pretty quickly at The Retail Store of Doom. She says she worked for the company, but that it was at a different location... but I remember her and I didn't go to the other stores. I *know* I worked with her there. Her face and her demeanor are both way too familiar for her to be just one of those people you think you've met before.
The night of orientation, she chatted me up for a good 15 minutes before asking me for a ride home. When I told her that I was getting one myself and that she was in the opposite direction of where I was headed, she skipped on over to the other group of chicks standing there and I didn't hear a peep from her the rest of the night. This was a good good thing.
She's probably close to 40 years old, a little shorter than me, and she always puts off this super mousy, yes maam, no maam vibe...
But she's a whiner. A massive whiner. She's also always looking out for herself in a fuck the world sort of way that makes me want to smack her.
The other day I was helping out at the checkouts. The guy in my line happened to be the overnight stock leader guy, New York Mike. I look behind me because out of the corner of my eye I see someone, didn't know who, stepping up to the register behind me. It's Cynthia, with her coat over her arm, her purse, and some things from the store in her arms. She's hitting the inquire button on the register and is standing there scanning each of the things she has to double check the price, despite there being price scanners all OVER the store where she could do this without standing behind a register full of money in her street clothes while she's off the clock. Mike saw what I was looking at too and just said "be nice."
And so far, I have.
She was grilling me about my number of hours the other day and lamenting her lack of them. She only works mornings during the week. No evenings, nights or weekends. She seemed shocked that I worked 10 hours the other day and only had a 15 minute break and a half hour lunch. She's one of those people I *hated* when I was a supervisor.. someone who has calculated out before they've even shown up for the day exactly when they expect to have their break and then will rag you about it until you let them go... and then take a 25 instead of a 15.
She's slow, slow witted, self absorbed, and allergic to work. She asked me if I at least take water breaks every two hours to keep from being dehydrated. Which really just left me boggling.
Cynthia is one of those idiots who don't get what their point and purpose is in the whole retail world thing and don't get that they're replaceable. So very replaceable. She's already gotten really complacent with her place in things, but doesn't know how to do a fucking thing, as evidenced by her constant asking me questions about how to do things... despite her actually BEING a cashier since her date of hire, which is exactly the same date as mine.
Which is another reason why I think she somehow remembers me from The Retail Store of Doom. She expects me to know because over there I knew how to do *everything* with those computers... to the point of disconnecting them from the corporate pipeline and swapping out components after ripping them apart right there on the conveyor belt. Because I had to. Because that place sucked nuts.
Okay... I need to drink less... it makes me rambly when I don't have anyone to talk to.

to sum up... Cynthia = another person on my Avoid list.

Ben Folds is a Terry Mcmillan fan and relates to her tales of strong black women.
"Whatever and Ever Amen" came out in 97. Waiting to Exhale (the movie) came out in 95. The novel came out in 92.
In the song "All is Fair" there is a part that goes...

All this breathing in...
never breathing out...

Ben Folds is just waiting to exhale.

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