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A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Julia today had a discussion with me about being an area leader and then found out that I was an assistant manager elsewhere and pressed me on the area leader thing, asking if she brought it up or recomended me if I'd be interested.
I said sure, why not? Might as well. heh.

I sometimes forget that these people are like.. the store managers. They work just as hard as everyone else, harder usually, and they don't expect cow-towing, subordination, or different treatment. So when things like that pop out, it suprises me.
I still don't get along with one of the executives though. Not that it's important, but every time I work with her, I get screwed and treated like hell. But apparently I'm not the only one who's had issues with her so at least it isn't *solitary* shittiness.
I'm developing a short list of people who I can banter at and not get blank stares or dismissive nodding. James, a really new guy who actually gets my humor. Kathryn, who's been around for awhile and is a crazy insane person. Nick, the most mellow cashier on earth. and oddly enough, Ina... very scary scottish woman.
As I told Karl, she looks like something a horny german would carve out of marble and dress in a breastplate and horns.
She's a valkyrie. With something on the order of EEE boobs. I shit you not, and a no bullshit, blank faced demeanor.
She calls me "dove" or "hen"
"aaaah, hello dove" in her wonderful very thick, sing songy accent. And just about the time when I was thoroughly convinced that she hated everyone on the earth, especially me, she started joking with me. She sends me on break, the lines back up and when I come back she thanks someone who came up for backup. "it was holly's fault. Whining at me for a break all morning. You should take her in the back and beat her. I won't tell." All said with this incredibly stern, serious look.
So of course I think she's neat.

A customer the other told me I seem like a happy person and that the lord is watching over me and wants me to be happy. After she told me this she just stood and stared at me.
I thanked her for what she said. She just stared at me with this big smile on her face... it got a lil awkward. Hehe...
But another customer came along and I told her to have a good day and she left me with a "bless you"
I didn't really mind. Which suprised me. There was a woman who used to come into the Retail Store of Doom all the time and try to leave little story pamphlets (like Chick tracks, but a lil more low rent and without the pretty pictures. ) all over the store and to hand them to the cashiers. I had it out with her several times.
I still don't like that sort of pushy 'witnessing'. You're presenting yourself as a customer in a store and then talking religion to the people who are there to cater to your needs. You're putting them in a very damned awkward position where they're more of less just forced to accept your 2 page bits of wisdom graciously.
It wasn't her message, it was her method. And I always made a point of telling her that it was considered soliciting and was not allowed. I also pointed out that some of our cashiers were jewish, hindu, or catholic and her anti-catholic, anti-jewish, born again propaganda sheets were offensive.
But she never stopped. I'd give her points for tenacity, but I'm pretty sure she wasn't clever and plucky, just thickheaded. I threw out a LOT of preachy, overbearing born again pamphlets. Partly for the message, partly for the way she went about it, and partly because of the HORRIBLE editing. It's 3 paragraphs, people.... spell check.

But this lady the other day .. .I didn't mind. One reason is because, well... she meant it and she didn't need to have someone tell her to mean it. She just *meant* it. Another is that she wasn't pushing anything hateful or twisted at me and I think I've learned that wherever your good vibes are coming from, I can let it in a little.
Someone when out of their way to say something nice to me with no ulterior motive. The content isn't important.

the DOD ordered 150,000 bottles of sunscreen today. Desert vacations for the troops.
I just hope that this dire need for a war on the part of mister Bush (if the disgusting domestic policy, environmental policy, sheer idiocy and the *incredibly* disgusting way he was "elected" (he wasn't actually elected, ya know) doesn't do it) will convince people not to vote for him again in the next election.
I just hope. A lot.

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