A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

The phone rang pretty much non stop since about 8:30 this morning. I think I'm going to have unplug the phones in my room (one wall phone, one cordless) if this telemarketter bombardment is going to continue because on days when this crap happens I get *no* sleep.
There's this case right now in norfolk that's pretty horrendous. A 24 year old woman's body was found washed up on the shore under a large bridge here. Police found her car nearby and found her adress. Going to the adress, they found her three children (a 4 year old, a 3 year old and a 7 month old) dead, laid out on a bed...all of them drowned.
The immediate decision was that she killed them and then killed herself. She was also pregnant again.
Her estranged husband (They'd been seperated for about 2 months. He claims that she was upset that he spent more time working at his music studio than he did with her... of course no one knows HER side of the story) was all shock and dismay right up until he was all "no money for funerals, no insurance."
No one in her family had any idea she was depressed or upset or that ANYTHING was wrong. The husband claimed he didn't know anything was wrong. None of her friends or family had any inkling that she was upset in any way shape or form, apparently.

Apparently there were allegations (and court hearings) of abuse in the household. In the hearings, he claimed that she was actually the one abusing *him*, which is a really really common gambit in domestic abuse cases.
Then it came out in the papers that this is his second marriage. He was also married to a woman, with whom he had three kids, and they split amidst allegations of abuse.
The last time he saw the wife who's dead was THE DAY of the deaths.

And now all of a sudden today he's saying that she was diagnosed as suffering from post-partem depression 2 days before the deaths, despite saying over and over and over again that nothing had been wrong.

There's just something really weird about the whole thing.
I used to bump into this girl in the halls. She went to Open Campus, a night school kind of thing created for kids who'd had issues, but as an alternative to dropping out. Open Campus was held at my school, so afterschool play practice a lot of times happened when Open Campus was in session. I saw her picture and knew I knew her from somewhere.

I'm in a weird mood. Not a bad mood, but not overbubblingly good either. The interrupted sleep didn't help. And I've kind of had a growing sense that maybe I should just... shut up more often. Hard to explain or qualify that.

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