A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I got my schedule today. I had been looking very forward to a day off (I've been really tired this week) and uh .. I don't have one until thursday.
So I'm working 8 days straight and it's going to be 8 days of early day, late day, early day, late day except tomorrow and sunday which are both early. Sunday I go in at 6 am.
So to try to ease me to sleep I'm having hot cocoa with some schnapps thrown in. I'd go the vicodin route, but it won't be out of my system enough by the time I have to get up. So I'd be sort of hungover feeling and that wouldn't work. It probably seems a little odd that I don't hesitate to use alcohol or drugs to make me sleep, but well... if you find it odd, then you don't know my sleeping history. Many many defeats on the battle fields of sleepytime.
I appreciate that I'm getting hours (usually 30 a week) and I appreciate that they call me in or ask me to stay late. I appreciate the thank yous I get and it's good to know that I'm trusted to just... take it and run ... with whatever project or utter mess they hand me.

But I was still really looking forward to a day off.

I got to use the psuedo-forklifty thing tonight. Heavy machinery for MEEEEE.
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