A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

my day in list type appraisal format

- Didn't get nearly enough sleep...about 3 hours.
- Realized I was scheduled as a cashier today and found that I was actually *relieved* as cashiering for me is old hat, the stuff I *like* to do actually requires concentration.
- Got accused of being a racist by a woman who misunderstood my holding on to the toy her kid was buying and decided that I didn't trust the little black child ("you caint even han it to im when he got da money in hais han?") instead of the much simpler explanation ("I didn't see money and after I wrung it up, he *walked* *away*... so I was about to void it.") and refused to hear me out(whuteva, whuteva... you aint got ta tail me! I alrudy know what chew was thainkin." ). Just labelled me a racist and walked out.
Reactionary idiots just *looking* for a reason to be offended.
But that sort of spoiled my whole day. Slum-ugly chickenhead idiot.
- Nick said it was probably the "David Duke is Dreamy" tattoo on my forehead.
- Got offered more hours today and refused them.
- Saw and talked to Scott Grant at the store today. I went to high school with him. He was always kind of an ass, but one of those asses who remain your friend anyway. His favorite thing to do was to put his arm around my shoulder and then go limp so I'd be forced to hold him up for be dragged to the floor. Last I saw him, he was all yuppified. His hair was short, he was clean shaven and obsessed with his discount armanis. Now his hair is ass long again, he's got a full beard, wearing the junior high/high school standard baggy jeans , t shirt and combat boots and his face and body have finally filled out. I can't call him chicken neck anymore.
- bought pants
- got pictures developed
- gave the metal horns to a guy in a matte black van with an "about agression" sticker in the window and recieved a marriage proposal for my gesture
- guy in the car next to us at a stop light was listening to the little mermaid soundtrack in his car. Kiss the Girl was on. There were no kids in the car. His license plate was from Arkansas.
- bought an organizer/pursey thing for work. It was 1/2 off.
- I'm so tired that I was falling asleep in the car constantly. But I must stay awake. I have to work at 6 am and I'm determined to get at LEAST 5 hours. I can go on 4... but well... that's pushing it.
- tired tired tired tired


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