A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I woke up on my own (sort of... lots of phone ringing AGAIN) and I was fine when I got up, felt like I couldn't possibly sleep any later. But now... even though I got 9 hours of sleep I feel like hell. Maybe that much sleep is why. I'm very groggy, I keep getting insanenly dizzy (like... just did a couple whippets sort of dizzy) my head kind of hurts... bleh.
I was really looking forward to sleeping in today but now I'm thinking I shouldn't have.
6-11 tonight, 11-3:30 tomorrow, 4-11 wednesday and then two days off.
8 days of work in a row doesn't seem like a lot, but it is. I'm not just being a wimp here (I think), when you have a physical job it's a big deal to at least get a break from it every 5 days. Plus I'm one of those silly people who doesn't go all wimpy girly about lifting and moving things. Yesterday I spent some time at the top of a 20 ft ladder moving shelving sections around trying to find some fucking clip strips for someone. I got told by more than one person that they never would have been caught doing the same and I get that comment a lot. There's just no point, I think in not going ahead and doing something I'm physically capable of just because it's hard. It might be just above minimum wage and probably not very overtly appreciated, but it's still my job. Yep, I'm one of those people. Considering all that thrown in with the extreme hour differences that my circadian rhythms just do not deal with and my usual sleep issues, I'm feeling pretty crappy.

I'm not trying to harp on this... just rationalizing to myself why I feel so fucking *old*. Trying to tell myself that it's understandable.

Have you ever worked with people who give you an instinctive "talk slower to them" vibe? Like... you just sort of get this feeling that, no matter how long they've been there, no matter what they might know... you're going to have to 'be in charge' in the time you work around them?
Yesterday I had that feeling for the first time. I was used to it at the Retail Store of Doom... someone would come in and complain about the carts in the lot and everyone would stare blankly with a "well, what do we do about that?" vibe. Not at hotbed of problem solving acumen in that place. But yesterday, after about 5 minutes in the presence of this person I found myself just... keeping it simple for them and telling them what I was going to do, when they should go on break, and taking my time explaining things.
It was the total blank look, I think. The complete lack of a sign that they heard or understood me when I said something.
Just a simple... nod or something... would have made me feel better about them getting me. ::shrug::

the icky just continues and continues. I feel like aaaaaaaaaass.

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