A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I just watched The Cider House Rules for the first time.
I want to like Tobey Maguire... I really do. But I'd like to see him .. uhm... act... at some point. I liked Wonder Boys too. And I really wanted to like him there. But, again... He's a monotone recording and a cardboard cut out. He's got a little boy charm whenever he grins, and a little boy lost/stoned off his ass look the rest of the time. Ditto all this in The Ice Storm.
I really *want* to like him... but I just can't be that generous.
I liked this movie. It was very predictable plot wise but unexpected basis-wise.

I think I remember there being controversy over the content in this movie. I vaguely knew it had something to do with abortion. And I can see why staunch pro-life people would be upset at its message. But I don't think it's done offensively. I dunno... It was really plainly laid out, it didn't try to TRICK you into feeling different or present abortion is some glorious, benevolent light. He was just a doctor doing what he did so that women, who would go get abortions anyway, wouldn't have to *die* for it.

And there wasn't as much Michael Cain as I'd feared... so that was a good thing.
Charlize Theron is... well... Charlize Theron. She's pretty, she cries well... she uh .. has a nice smile? heh. She's never really knocked me out with her acting, but I don't think she's bad either. I just don't think she's had the roles for it.
I felt like there was... stuff missing. But since this is from a book (a book I've never read) I'm sure there is.

Hehe.. and I just read the silliest review of this on IMDB, this was the end of it... (parentheticals are my comments)
I am also very shocked that this movie got away with a PG-13 rating, since there are many thematic elements,(oh dear god no... not thematic elements! what's that even mean?) quite a bit of nudity, (really just one shot) multiple scenes of sexuality,(one scene of sex, kissy snuggly stuff I *guess* could be called 'sexuality') portrayals of abortions, (with no blood, nothing graphic, just legs in stirrups. There were also multiple portrayals of births) and a murder/suicide scene. Mmmmno.. there wasn't. There was the DESCRIPTION of a murder/suicide scene.) If you haven't seen it and are considering watching The Cider House Rules, avoid it and instead rent what is -- in my opinion -- a FAR superior film, Simon Birch.

People are *so* weird. And there's 311 comments on this thing, most of them horribly glowing.
Thing is... it's really not deserving of that.
Of course, I'm not a John Irving fan in the first place. I liked it, just liked I liked The World According to Garp, but just like Garp I didn't think it was anything spectacular.

tell me how wrong I am?

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