A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Eileen Wuronos was executed today. She was one of two known female serial killers and uh.. rather gaddamned nasty, really.
And today I got three books that I'd ordered.
" 'I' The Creation of A Serial Killer" by Jack Olsen, "Mistresses of Mayhem: The Book of Female Criminals" by Francine Hornberger, and "A Necessary Evil: A History Of American Distrust of Government" by Garry Wills.

psych, true crime and political dissent. I've said it before, I'll say it again... "aaaaaah ... it's 1999 all over again."

Amazon, a company I've never been thrilled with, is annoying me a lot these last few weeks. I placed orders on september 22nd, both using the free shipping, both with multiple books to different adresses, neither of the adresses mine.
Jessie got her stuff when she was supposed to, in seperate shipments that arrived on the same day.
But they charged me for the shipping when they weren't supposed to. So for several weeks now I've been recieving notices of impending refund for EACH BOOK. and then processing refund for each book and just yesterday, completed refund for each book.
Except for the things that haven't shipped yet. And I'm sure the process will repeat itself then.
The things that haven't shipped yet were hard to get books that I knew would take longer as they had to be special ordered. But well... we're going on a month now and they've just sent me a notice saying they may not ship until the second week in NOVEMBER now.
While I enjoy that they're taking care of my already planned careful spacing of spontaneous stuff.... it's a little annoying as well.

Ever count up and keep track of the number of times someone has laid their hands on you in a given space of time?
My father has felt the need to touch me once today, once yesterday, totalling 6 or 7 times in two weeks.
This is too much.

I was thinking about it... and I don't think I *will* be sorry, despite what I said yesterday.

Kid Rock with "cowboy" is on tv. People are really that dumb, aren't they? That this utter novelty-crap is considered good?
hehe... I don't know why I keep hoping people in general will develop a sense of taste or an idea of musical talent deeper than how cool someone's music videos are.

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