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Who's your favorite masochist?

I talked to Gates for awhile this afternoon and near the end of the conversation decided that I'd take a bath to unwind a lil and because I was kind of chilly. I ran water, got nekkid, got in the tub and just about the time I was leaning back and picking up a book to read, the phone rang. It was work. Julia in her best "pwetty pwease" voice asking if I could come in tonight becuase 4 people called in and they had almost no one in the store. Cashier or softlines, my choice, stay til close, as soon as I could get in.
So I just got home from work.

They just hired *another* batch of 16 people, so for a few weeks my hours will probably drop drastically until the idiots start deciding they can't do that whole "work" thing (and taking them around on their orientation tour... yes... me... why? I have NO idea... taking them around, I can tell you that at least 5 of them probably won't last a week. I think two of them TOPS will actually be *good*). It's annoying, but well... we do need more people before christmas.

So TOMORROW will be my lone day off this week(but I'll still have to go into work to pick up my check) and I ended up working *9* days in a row.
But since the hours will be going away soon... I don't mind knowing that I'll have a large check for this week.

The thing is... I think I've already gotten the reputation I didn't want. The person who will always stay, who will always come in, who will always say 'no problem'.
So far, that *isn't* a problem... but history tells me that it may become one.

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