A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

AAAAANd another thing.
I saw Bringing Out The Dead last night.

I was told it was going to be disgustingly depressing and bleak. I really enjoyed it, I laughed here and there at things, and I found the whole thing to be incredibly poignant and lovely.
Yes, it's a little bleak. No more so than anything Jerry Fincher touches. If you can deal with the atmosphere of Seven or Fight Club, you can deal with the atmosphere of this. I saw in a review someone saying it was just a lame take off of Taxi Driver, a movie I've never seen. If it's a lame takeoff... I really need to see Taxi Driver.
Of course, I really enjoy Irvine Welsh and Chuck Palanhiuk too, none too cheery writers.
If you're already depressed, don't watch this movie, I will say that. Chances are it's just going to push you and you won't see the good in it.

But ya know, him talking about how ... as a paramedic he'd come to think that it wasn't really his job to save or lose someone, it was to bear witness. That sometimes, when working on someone, he'd become convinced that he could look over his shoulder and see their soul standing there, waiting for medics to stop trying to pull them back into that body. That some people just wanted to be released.

And the repeated line... You have to keep the body going until the heart and mind repair themselves....
I've lived that for long chunks of time in my life, it meant a lot to me that they put a point on that. That sometimes, we're all fragile and just hanging on and it always takes time.

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