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I slept really well last night given the frequent waking-up-to-blow-my-nose-or-suffer-through-snot-puddles-on-my-pillow thing.
The tiny step it would take for my normal speaking voice to sound like someone you'd hear in a commercial for a "chat line" on late night tv has been taken. So instead of sounding sick, I'll just be sounding lusty. Lusty with a sniffle. And while I enjoy the weird looks people's faces pass through while I talk to them, I'd still rather not sound quite like this today.

There were a few more hang up calls from Tim that popped up on the caller-id.
Do I ignore that this guy is still calling and hanging up? Do I change the answering machine message to say "We aren't here or aren't taking your call. Leave a message, we're usually pretty prompt on the replies. Here comes the beep, Tim, so you should hang up now"?
I don't want to get into the drama with him again, but I don't want to just ignore this either. Weird things like this have a history of escalating. I think maybe I'm overreacting (but I can't blame me for it) as he's never shown a pyshco side, never even an *angry* side. Whiner, user, high maintenance little boy, yes... but never someone to fear.
There's every chance that he's just building up the balls to actually talk to me and it's innocuous.

In other news, Stevie Nicks is apparently the new "deep lyrics" disseminator for the lovelorn and hurt. Because snorting enough coke to rot out your face does incredible things for the depth and veracity of your words.
for example:
Do you know what this is
No, I don't
But whatever it is
It's very powerful
Have you felt this way before
Oh, I thought I knew
Do you know that I love you now
Oh yes, I do

I mean.... MY GOD, does it get more insightful than that?

Oh! OH ! But Sarah McLachlan sings on the track too... So this is just a *bombshell* of overwhelming womanly truths.

Just because something has been around a long time, does not make it good just by virtue of its age.
If it's old and it sucks, like Aerosmith, it just sucks. If it's old and it's great, like Tom Waits, then it's just great.

Bah. I really just shouldn't read my friends list most days. ::nods::

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