A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

There was just a news story about this guy on TV.
Steve the Whistler.
he's an "award winning" whistler, trying to get more people to whistle.

There was a guy who always came into the Retail Store of Doom who whistled. I worked a lot of early mornings, relieving the overnight team and setting up for the rest of the day. This guy.. .this whistler ... was a much older man, 60s to 70s , who literally wouldn't stop whistling.
You'd talk to him and in response he'd just gesture, never breaking the flow of his song. He looked really jolly. Rosy cheeked and untroubled, unlined face. His wife was a very pleasant woman as well.

We all hated this man. He'd walk into the store and the very mellow, laidback vibe I attempted to cultivate would go right away and we'd all be united in our disgust for this whistling asshole.

This Steve The Whistler guy ... you can buy a cd of his 'music'...
He's trying to bring it back, get more people to whistle...

If you just randomly walked around and beat the shit out of people, it couldn't be more annoying than a world that whistled more.

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