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and then the server... she die.

Ah well, at least now I have a new chunk of stuff to tap that I know I'll dig. I am loving this. That feeling of forward momentum in music is a great thing when it's done right.

Would you ask the person working in the electronics department of your local department store very technical questions about your computer equipment/stereo system/gaming system?
Like... trouble shooting why their HP printer doesn't want to print with only one cartridge in it... or exactly how to install the dvd converter to an x box... or the guy last week who kept calling me over and over asking if we had discs for MSN because it says he needs a disc when he "tries to install the internet"

Well, if you would...just to let you know... don't.
Chances are, they have no idea, it's just where they got scheduled that day. I'm decently tecnically proficient compared to some of the people who cover that area (Shelia today wondered aloud at me why they don't sell atari games anymore), but I still have no clue why your computer won't work, what bits and pieces you need to fully trick out your PS2 or the specs on every camera in stock off the top of my head.

I tried to explain to a guy today what a 'megapixel' is. He must have asked me 4 different time what the difference between the 4.5 megapixel and the 3.0 megapixel was...
I finally gave up and just said "it's better".

I'm looking forward to wednesday. It'll be good to have a day off.

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